The newsletter editorial staff was on a summer hiatus for the last few weeks, but now, as the Gene Autry sang long ago, [we’re] “back in the saddle again .” In this latest edition, we’re tried to capture all of the major updates that have occurred since we published our last newsletter on June 9th. As you’ll see, it’s a lot. Given the recent spate of EKS version releases, a lot of folks may be interested in the EKS upgrade workshop and best practices . There are also a couple of interesting AI projects, including AWS Docs GPT (ChatGPT API key not included) and InfraCopilot , an AI assistant that can generate IaC templates, including EKS and Kubernetes. You’ll also find a fair amount of content in this edition on using Kubecost and Karpenter to help monitor and reduce your compute spend. And finally, for those of you who are using EKS Fargate, you can now use the Seekable OCI format to reduce image pull and application start times.

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