For those of you who were able to attend KubeCon EU or AWS Container Day, we hope you had a fruitful time while you were there. This week we feature a couple of blogs about different use cases for service meshes: intelligent routing and service migration. We’ve also included a post on CodeCatalyst, a new-ish service that helps developers create workflows and manage code projects.

Announcement: Version 2.5 of the AWS Load Balancer Controller sets the enableServiceMutatorWebhook to true. This makes the controller the default for all services of type LoadBalancer. Unless you change this value to false, the controller will always provision a Network Load Balancer (NLB) for services of type LoadBalancer. If you need to run the AWS Load Balancer Controller and want to use a Classic Load Balancer (CLB) for services of type Load Balancer, set enableServiceMutatorWebhook to false in the helm chart .

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