EKS News 039

If you were not able to attend AWS Container Day in-person, the recordings are now available on YouTube.

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  • Automatically enable group metrics collection for Amazon EKS managed node groups (how-to)
    • The roadmap issue related to this blog has +135 upvotes.
    • By enabling Auto Scaling group metrics collection you’ll be able to monitor scaling events associated with your managed node groups (MNGs)
    • The workaround/solution described in this blog involves creating an Amazon EventBridge rule that looks for the CreateNodegroup event. When found, EventBridge calls an AWS Lambda function that enables group metrics collection for the auto-scaling group associated with the MNG.
  • https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/containers/building-amazon-linux-2-cis-benchmark-amis-for-amazon-eks/ (how-to)
    • This blog provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on how customers can build custom AMIs with the Amazon EKS Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that comply with the CIS Amazon Linux2 Benchmarks.
    • It uses the AL2 CIS Benchmark Level 2 AMI from the AWS Marketplace as its base and layers on the EKS specific components.
    • See also, Amazon EKS Custom AMIs
  • Vela Games Cuts Game Build Times by 60% Using Infrastructure on AWS (case study)
    • Vela, a gaming company, runs testing in different regions, such as the United States and Southeast Asia. “The number of regions that AWS runs in gives us flexibility and better latency for players,” says Adam Comerford, the technical director of infrastructure and operations. With EKS, “[we] can quickly spin up a new Amazon EKS cluster to get our game servers out there.”
  • Use Amazon Inspector to manage your build and deploy pipelines for containerized applications (how-to)
    • This blog post explores the process that Inspector takes to scan container images. Additionally, tt shows how you can integrate Inspector into your build and deployment pipelines, and control pipeline steps based on the results of a scan.
    • While the blog describes how to deploy to ECS, the deployment stage can be modified to deploy to EKS.
  • kcp
    • A Kubernetes-like control plane well-suited for building multi-tenancy platforms