EKS News 038

Thanks to all who stopped by at the AWS booth while at KubeCon, attended AWS’s Container Day featuring Amazon EKS, or came to the Open Source After Dark Party. We hope you enjoyed the conference and used the time to re-connect with peers and other people in the industry.

  • Multi-cluster management for Kubernetes with Cluster API and Argo CD
    • This post describes a multi-cluster scenario where a customer needs to operate Kubernetes clusters running on a self-managed cluster backed by Amazon EC2 or the other on Amazon EKS. It uses Cluster API (CAPI) to provision and manage workload clusters and Argo CD to automate the deployment of the applications defined in a Git repository to your target cluster environments.
  • Implementing Pod Security Standards in Amazon EKS
    • This walks through how Pod Security Admission (PSA) and Pod Security Standards (PSS) work together to warn, audit, or prevent pods that violate the designated PSS from running.
    • PSPs are removed in Kubernetes 1.25; plan to migrate to PSA/PSS or a policy as code solution now.
  • Speed up Highly Available Deployments on Kubernetes
    • This blog dives into the internals of Amazon Managed Prometheus (AMP), describing how AWS has sped up deployment times without impacting availability. The solution AWS arrived at was open sourced as two Kubernetes controllers: the ZoneAwareUpdate (ZAU) controller and ZoneDisruptionBudget (ZDB) admission webhook controller. Together these two open source controllers allow any Kubernetes user to take advantage of faster deployments for StatefulSet pods deployed across multiple availability zones.
  • Bridge to Kubernetes
    • Allows you to write, test, and debug microservice code while connected to your Kubernetes cluster with the rest of your application or services
  • Kubeview
    • Helps you visualize your Kubernetes resources
  • ingress2gateway
    • This project translates Ingress resources to Gateway API resources, specifically HTTPRoutes.