EKS News 029

A couple big announcements for Karpenter this week. The first of these is consolidation which can improve the utilization of your compute resources. The second allows you to assign weights/priorities to your provisioners.

  • Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmark for Bottlerocket is now available
    • Helps you configure or document any non-compliant configurations
    • The CIS Benchmark for Bottlerocket includes both Level 1 and Level 2 configuration profiles
    • Download the benchmark from the CIS website
  • Karpenter adds support for consolidation!
    • See PR #2123
    • Documentation
      • Karpenter works to actively reduce cluster cost by identifying when nodes can be removed as their workloads will run on other nodes in the cluster and when nodes can be replaced with cheaper variants due to a change in the workloads
      • Early customer feedback in the Karpenter Slack channel indicates that cluster improved when consolidation was enabled
  • Karpenter adds support for weighted provisioners!
    • Describe a logical ordering for provisioners
    • Set defaults and/or fallback orderings for provisioners
    • See PR #2246 for further information