This week, we’ll cover the launch of Bare Metal for EKS Anywhere (🐻🎸), 4x increase in control plane scaling/updating, EKS Observability Accelerator, and much more.

New service announcements and features

Announcing bare metal support for Amazon EKS Anywhere

AWS Fargate for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service is now available in the Amazon Web Services China Beijing and Ningxia Regions

New and notable blogs

Introducing bare metal deployments for Amazon EKS Anywhere

Getting started with Amazon EKS Anywhere on Bare Metal

Amazon EKS improves control plane scaling and update speed by up to 4x

Leverage AWS secrets stores from EKS Fargate with External Secrets Operator

Containers from the Couch

Bare Metal for EKS Anywhere

EKS Observability Accelerator

AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) Explained

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Ecosystem News

How to Secure Your Kubernetes Clusters with Trivy

HashiCorp Vault 1.11 Adds Kubernetes Secrets Engine, PKI Updates, and More