Kubernetes birthday was this week. Hard to believe this technology is already eight years old. 🎉🎂🥳

In this issue, we’ll look at Delivery Hero using Amazon EKS with EC2 Spot Instances, OpenCost, Karpenter, Argo CD 2.4 breaking changes, 3.6 million exposed MySQL servers, and more.

New service announcements and features

Amazon EKS now supports DNS resolution of the cluster private endpoint in AWS GovCloud (US) regions

New and notable blogs

Amazon EKS and Spot Instances in action at Delivery Hero

Containers from the Couch

Get started with Chaos Engineering with Litmus

Ecosystem News

OpenCost: Open Source Collaboration on Kubernetes Cost Standards

Breaking Changes in Argo CD 2.4

Zero to GitOps: Terraform and the AWS EKS Blueprints Project

Enabling AWS IAM Group Access to an EKS Cluster Using RBAC

Useful utilities and toys over DNS