In this issue, we’ll cover EKS Anywhere curated packages, detailed billing reports for Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate, Amazon EKS Observability Accelerator, Cloud Native Security Whitepaper (v2), 380K Kubernetes API servers publicly exposed, and more.

New service announcements and features

Amazon EKS Anywhere curated packages are now in public preview

AWS Distribution of Kubeflow supporting Kubeflow v1.4.1 is now generally available

New and notable blogs

Track costs with detailed billing reports for Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate

Deploy a high-performance database for containerized applications: Amazon MemoryDB for Redis with Kubernetes

Introducing Amazon EKS Observability Accelerator

Proactive autoscaling of Kubernetes workloads with KEDA and Amazon CloudWatch

Ecosystem News

Cloud Native Security Whitepaper (v2)

Over 380 000 open Kubernetes API servers

Level up Security Management with HashiCorp Vault and Flux

cilium/tetragon : eBPF-based Security Observability and Runtime Enforcement

chen-keinan/kube-beacon : Open Source runtime scanner for k8s cluster and perform security audit checks based on CIS Kubernetes Benchmark specification