EKS News 013

This week we’ll discuss the availability of Kubernetes version 1.22 across the Amazon EKS product line, what to do to get ready for Kubernetes 1.24 (the upstream release is coming soon), and a tool called PacketStreamer, which is intended to help you do packet captures of network traffic from multiple remote sources.

Amazon EKS, Amazon EKS Distro, and Amazon EKS Anywhere now support Kubernetes version 1.22

  • You can now use Amazon EKS, Amazon EKS Distro, and Amazon EKS Anywhere to run Kubernetes version 1.22
  • Kubernetes version 1.22 release includes external credential providers, server-side apply, and bound service account token volumes graduating to stable, and warning mechanisms for deprecated API usage
  • Kubernetes 1.22 removes a number of deprecated beta APIs in favor of GA versions of those same APIs. You need to ensure your applications, add ons, manifests and clients are updated to use these GA APIs to prevent workloads from potentially failing after the upgrade is complete.

Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes 1.22

  • The theme for the release, according to release lead Savitha Raghunathan, is due to what she described as: “in spite of the pandemic and burnout, Kubernetes 1.22 had the highest number of enhancements in any release.”
  • Amazon EKS team worked hand-in-hand with etcd contributors to help verify and consistently reproduce data inconsistency issues (we’re shipping version 1.22 with etcd 3.4 as a result pending a release that mitigates these issues).
  • You can learn about how to upgrade your EKS version in our blog post, Planning Kubernetes Upgrades with Amazon EKS

Kubernetes native testing with TestKube

  • We look at a cloud native test framework that brings the flexibly of Kubernetes CRDs with the power of controllers to testing
  • You use different executors to run your tests with status stored directly in Kubernetes

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Kubernetes Removals and Deprecations In 1.24

Introducing PacketStreamer: distributed packet capture for cloud-native platforms

  • PacketStreamer is an open-source tool that captures network traffic from multiple remote sources concurrently and aggregates the data into a single pcap log file
  • Observing network traffic can reveal attacker behaviors before a successful compromise, such as reconnaissance activity and weaponization that is targeted at specific vulnerabilities
  • With PacketStreamer, you can extend your traffic capture activities to span large numbers of target systems

Amazon EKS, AWS CDK, and Go

  • Go support is currently still in Developer Preview
  • Support for other languages is done through generating bindings with jsii
  • Amazon EKS Developer Advocate, Jimmy Ray, walks us down his path using Go with AWS CDK