EKS News 001

Welcome to the second issue of EKS News! This week’s newsletter contains info about using Crossplane and Flux, IPv6 EKS support, and the Cloud Native glossary.

GitOps model for provisioning and bootstrapping Amazon EKS clusters using Crossplane and Flux

  • Alternative to the solution described in part 1 of this series, GitOps model for provision and bootstrapping Amazon EKS clusters using Crossplane and ArgoCD presents another way to implement GitOps in your environment
  • Explains how to use Flux and Crossplane to provision and manage the lifecycle of Kubernetes and AWS resources, e.g. EKS clusters
  • The example provisions a “workload” EKS cluster and subsequently deploys a workload onto that cluster using Flux/Crossplane
  • Metrics from the application are surfaced in Amazon Managed Prometheus (AMP)

Amazon EKS launches IPv6 support

  • Helps with IP exhaustion issues
  • AWS VPC CNI has been updated to assign IPv6 addresses to pods when IPv6 is enabled
  • Allows for IPv6 pods to communicate with other IPv6 or IPv4 resources residing inside or outside the cluster VPC
  • ALB and NLB support dual-stack and can route requests to IPv6 services running within the cluster so long as the target type is set to IP
  • Cannot configure an existing IPv4 cluster to use IPv6 (currently); will need to create a new cluster configured to use IPv6
  • EKS Fargate also has support for IPv6; Windows and security groups for pods support are forthcoming
  • Walkthrough explaining how to route traffic from the Internet to a Kubernetes service running on a cluster configured to use IPv6

Connecting Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Clusters to Amazon EKS

  • Walkthrough explaining how to connect a GKE cluster to the EKS console
  • Provides a read-only view of objects within the connected cluster (currently)

Join the CNCF Cloud Native Glossary

  • There are many acronyms in the CNCF ecosystem. The Cloud Native glossary aims to help with that.
  • An excellent way for non-code contributors to get involved
  • To update a term or contribute a new one, follow these steps. If you have any questions, hop on the #glossary channel on the CNCF Slack to ask for help.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2022 registrations is open

  • May 17-20, 2022, in Valencia, Spain
  • GitOpsCon Europe is a Day 0 event you can register for now as well as many others
  • Container Day information coming soon
  • Hope to see you there!